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The Pilchuck Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit community supported foundation focused on assisting the police and fire departments of Granite Falls, Washington in obtaining unfunded equipment, technology, and training.  In addition, the Foundation supports a scholarship program for graduates of both Granite Falls (WA) High Schools who are interested in pursuing careers in fire safety or law enforcement.  We also focus on community preparedness during disasters, and coordinate the Map Your Neighborhood program in the Granite Falls area, as well as help the Granite Falls Fire District #17 coordinate the Certified Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

2020-2021 Pilchuck Foundation Board of Directors:

Suzie Ashworth, Former Granite Falls City Council

Dolly Ferguson, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer

Jan McConnell, Vice-President, Business Analyst and Granite Falls CERT member

Kristina Montgomery, Treasurer, Artist and Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer

Jessica Neumann-Dick, Secretary, Community Emergency Response Team

Kimberly Rooney, President, Legal Assistant

*Catherine Anderson, CEO, Catherine.Anderson@PilchuckFoundation.org

*Non-voting member

Advisory roles

  • *Police Chief Christopher Ferreira
  • *Fire Chief Jim Haverfield


  • Margaret Jackson
  • Dennis Taylor
  • Mary Wysocki

Founding member Reserve Officer Ken Shefveland passed away September 29, 2018.  Without his insight and stewardship, the Pilchuck Foundation would not exist.   We honor his memory.

Board Member Vervia Gabriel passed away May 17, 2015.  She was a vital presence to our Foundation, and to the greater Granite Falls community.  We honor her memory.

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Pilchuck Foundation
P.O. Box 1337
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