Local Safety Links

Informational links to help keep your family and neighborhood safe!

The Granite Falls community has an electronic sign at the State Route 92 entrance into town.  The sign has been in the works for more than two years, and will serve as a communication tool for the City, Fire District, and School District.  Examples of announcements include:  burn bans, flooding, school closures, special school events, City and community events.

Electronic sign

Granite Falls Fire District #17 is on S. Granite across from Key Bank.  Chief Jim Haverfield can be reached at 691-7177.

Granite Falls Police (operating through contract with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office) is located 205 S. Granite, across the street from City Hall.  The phone number is 691-6611.

Granite Falls Area Neighborhood Watch
Started in May, 2014, monthly meetings and periodic community training for those interested in, or currently participating in Neighborhood Watch.  The presentation and handouts from the May 19 meeting are posted below.

Neighborhood Watch Handouts

NW 5-19-2014 Presentation

NW 9-17-2014 Granite Falls Neighborhood Watch Presentation

This link provided by local safety instructor Daphne Robert-Hamilton:  Neighborhood Watch Tips