Grassroots Effort To Save Granite Falls Police Department

Grassroots Effort To Save Granite Falls Police Department

To our local business community:

Last Wednesday, the Granite Falls City Council voted to pursue discussions with Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, with the end goal of eliminating our police department. The Council’s decision was split, because one was absent, and Mayor Saleem cast the deciding vote. Since then, TWO OTHER ALTERNATIVES to fund keeping our police have been developed, and even save money in the process. In addition to those, the Council has existing plans to consider, including the Pilchuck Foundation’s offer of a pledge drive. So with three viable options, plus the Foundation, there is no reason to sacrifice the safety of our citizens by contracting for one deputy to patrol 60 square miles around our city (the only coverage the City can afford, because the Sheriff’s Office is more expensive than local police.)

In the past few months, dozens of people have attended the public hearings to speak up in favor of keeping our police department. Parents, teachers, Senior Citizens, business owners, and even people who live out of town. We all understand that economic times are tough, but getting rid of our police is not the solution.

A grass roots citizen petition led by Catherine Anderson is up and running at several local businesses, and online at the link below.

As Ms. Anderson noted, “we need to speak up in one loud voice.”

Please click on the link to read the petition to Save the Granite Falls Police Department. Then, if you agree, you can sign by clicking the ‘sign’ button and filling in your name and email. This petition was created as a private one, so it’s not publicly available on the internet. Please feel free to forward this email to other citizens.