Donors Speak, Crime Map, and Update

Donors Speak, Crime Map, and Update

As of today, we are over $31,000 in pledges and donations.  Here is what some donors have told us about why they financially support helping the Granite Falls Police Department:

The GFPD is such an amazing resource for the schools. They are quick to respond and KNOW the kids and families involved. Officer Lauer is a compassionate and bold individual. He speaks directly to the kids, getting them to see the error of their ways without speaking DOWN to them. I appreciate the many ways I see the GFPD involved in the community. Their presence at sporting events, town celebrations, library presentations, and volunteering their time in the classrooms makes them a real class-act. They set the tone to our youth about what it means to be a hero. Heroes aren’t just people that rise up in a battle and take charge. They are often the ones that go about their daily lives being an example to all they come into contact with. – Robynn Barth

We had just recently moved into the community when the petition to save the department was circling. I signed it immediately and looked forward to hearing more about how we could help out. As a single mom of three, new to the community, it was really important to me to have a police presence in town to give us a sense of security. The officers are such a benefit to our community and role models for our children. Being a small town, the officers play a larger role in our lives. We see them at the store, or the restaurant. They take part in our festivals and community events. Their presence deters crime, allows for quicker response time to emergencies, and strengthens the moral backbone of our community. – Rhianan Kaburgi

I myself don’t live within the city limits but I volunteer with Pack 28 for the Cub Scouts and i am a Board Member of Granite Falls Little League. My personal opinion is we need to be committed to community and all try to donate any way we can whether by by our time or money. – Nikki Osborn

If you would like to pledge your support, you can do so right here on our website, or by picking up a packet at the IGA service desk, the Granite Falls Liquor Store, Wild for Pets, or the Granite Falls Ace Hardware. You can mail your check to the Pilchuck Foundation, P.O. Box 1337, Granite Falls, WA 98252.

At the February 9 Look What’s Local business fair, we talked to dozens of folks who agree that locally based, community oriented police are vital to Granite Falls. Our table display also introduced many visitors to the Granite Falls police LWLphoto1participation in crime mapping. That’s an effective tool available at this link. Once there, you can click on ‘AGENCY’ then select “Granite Falls Police Department”, to see a comprehensive map of where and what recent crimes were reported.

In other Pilchuck Foundation news, the Board of Directors met on Janaury 28 at the Granite Falls Fire District 17 station. We welcomed new board members Fred Cruger and Bob Littlejohn, and announced that one of our donors who is a bookkeeper has volunteered professional expertise to generate the monthly financial reports. (Thank you, Barbara Dorman!)

The financial request form for the Police Department was discussed and finalized. The format is patterned on grant guidelines used by other public safety foundations. Essentially, when the Granite Falls Police Department wants to access the funding, they will fill out a grant request form, explaining the need, and providing vendor information. The transaction will be handled like a grant, with a qualified purchase and backup paperwork provided. The Pilchuck Foundation will issue an annual report detailing how the community’s donations were used, in addition to the standard non-profit IRS form 990.

Together, our community is making Granite Falls a safer place to live, work, learn and play!  Please consider making your pledge today!